Adventure Summary 3: 'Cooked And Eaten'

After a thrilling encounter with scorpions, the party takes some time to take stock of injuries and see to the wounded. As Nadira has asked for trophies in the form of scorpion parts, the party pries open one scorpion and harvests some meat and pieces of scorpion exoskeleton.

After being assured that the meat is edible and considered a delicacy, an attempt is made to cook it. One attempt turns into several, but eventually the scorpion meat is cooked and eaten, with only a few party members choosing to abstain for reasons that remain their own.

Adventure post 03

Greetings, Intrepid Adventurers!

Not that we've been having problems with this lately rumors of a certain incident involving a team and a river of giant snakes are greatly exaggerated , but we thought it would be a jolly good time if you filled out this little quiz to let us know how things are going on your adventure!

All entries are confidential.

((OOC: People who are on the adventure, please fill out this fun little survey in character and you will receive a DP! Comments are screened, but will be unscreened during our adventure session Wednesday))

1. What is the name of the organization that hired you?

2. What is the name of the country you are currently in?

3. Who are the leaders of your team?

4. What is your camel's name?

5. What is the name of the woman you spoke with in the marketplace?

6. How many scorpions did you fight, and just how big were they?

7. On a scale of one to ten, how secure in your continued longevity do you feel?

8. What is was the name of the pharaoh whose tomb you will be exploring?

9. On a scale of one to ten, how much sand has gotten into places sand should not get on your travels so far?

10. How would you rate your current performance?

Easter Egg Hunt!

The lawns surrounding the Loft are decorated with all sorts of colorful Easter decorations. Many tables have been set out with snacks and sweets for children and the adults minding or spectating, to enjoy. A woman with hair as bright as some of the easter eggs is coordinating kids and giving them each ar basket.

"Right then," Amrbia says. "Let's go over the rules one more time. No stealing eggs from each other. Don't wander off in the woods. No magically animating eggs. No turning anyone into an egg. No throwing eggs, tripping other kids, or any unwanted bodily contact. The eggs are all those plastic type--- um, if your home world doesn't have plastic -- just know you need to OPEN the egg to get to the candy inside."

She smiles at all the eager little people, her own boy included among them.

"Now go out there and have some fun!"

((Open to all, big and small. The egg hunt isn't going to be GM-ed or anything, so it's up to you to play out where your char looks and what they find. Find an egg, have a snack, mingle with friends, meet some new people! Have fun!))

Adventure Summary 2: 'Where, O death, is thy sting?' -OR- 'Fun' with scorpions.

The party sets off in search of ADVENTURE and scorpions. Upon learning that scorpions are attracted to vibrations, they attempt to vary their pace and rhythm as they travel. This results in a peaceful journey until they discover the partially-eaten/dissolved body of one of Nadira's fellow Order Of The Scorpion members, identified by his scorpion tattoo. Included among his possessions were a small vial of scorpion antivenom and a document detailing funerary rites appropriate to Kehmet.

While the body was being properly laid to rest, a trail was discovered that indicated that the deceased had a companion. In the process of following this trail, the party were ambushed by another group of scorpions!

The combat that followed saw several party members wounded and one poisoned! Thanks to a timely application of antivenom, the poison was not fatal. After dealing with the scorpions, the party is now regrouping and tending to the wounded.

Please feel free to comment on plans or other suggestions here.

Please note that comments are open to characters currently involved in the Kehmet adventure only.

Gabriel in New York (Closed RP)

Gabriel stood in the loft in the clothes he had once worn in Germany.  If he had lost any weight in his illness, he had gained it back in his time with Al.    With his ponytail, his handmade shoes, his turtleneck and his tan slacks he looked less like a normal American than he thought, despite his efforts.   One hand was on his cane as the other gripped some bread Arisa had baked him to present to Mr. Lark.    

He paused before the Door.  He was not sure it was polite to just walk through.  He was not sure it would be effective to knock.   After a moment of deliberation, he rapped on the Door with the head of his cane.   He had never been through Mr. Lark's door before, so this was safer as well as more polite.   Then he stepped back and waited.    

Adventure Talk Post 01

Current Location: Somewhere in the shifty sands of Kemet, traveling toward where the giant scorpions dwell

Summary: The party is traveling on camel back, making their way across the desert sands. Party members may talk amongst themselves, make plans for what to do when they encounter scorpions, make general plans, etc.

OOC: Feel free to ask ask any OOC questions you might have during the week till next session, post a picture of your camel, keep track of your camel's stats in a comment, link to interesting resources, etc in separate comments from the talk threads.

Lost child on the loose

"Hello? Anyone here?" 

A tiny raven haired girl tiptoes into the coffee shop, looking for a friendly face. Or at least, looking for someone who could give her hot chocolate. She stands on tiptoe to get a look at the lettering over the counter, then wanders off to take a look at the squid tank. 

"Can someone help?" she asks aloud, hoping someone will hear her. 

new start

A young girl with silvery hair walks into the Loft and looks around curiously. She is carrying a number of bags and looks tired. 
"A New Start", the guy who'd told her about this place had said, "a new start without all of those nasty memories everywhere." well, that's wasn't quite true as she carried the memories with her, but maybe being so far away from home would help her to forget. 
It was going to be difficult though

Let Sleeping Heroes Lie?

There's a tow headed boy of about ten or eleven fast asleep on one of the couches in the Loft.  He has an assortment of weaponry propped against the couch within arm's reach.   Obviously not your run-of-the-mill human (though, in the Loft, they are the minority), judging by the long elf-like ears, Link is oblivious to the world around him.

Do you try and wake the young hero?  It is getting late, after all.  Perhaps you should try and send him on his way.

Or are you more apt to go through his things to see what is of value?     
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Attention Adventurers!

Welcome to adventuring with the IAI (Inter-dimensional Acquisitions Inc). Thank you for choosing to accept a mercenary contract with us. In order that we can have some information on file, please fill out the following employment questionnaire.

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((OOC Note: Characters going on the next adventure may fill this questionaire out to receive a bonus DP. You can either fill it out and post it as a comment, or put it in your journal and link to it in a comment to this post.))