pickingmybrain (pickingmybrain) wrote in charloft_rpg,

Curious About The Local Regulars....

Alex Ander opens the door, and enters the cafe. She takes a bar stool on the far end of the counter so she can observe the many people that pass through. She needed some new leads for her current case, and she would only find them if she talked to the people. She glanced at the wall beside her, and noticed a popular Van Gogh Reprint, framed and hanging about eye level. The picture gives her solace as she waits for the waitress to take her order. Glancing out towards the somewhat crowded diner, she hopes upon all hope that some one in this strange place will speak to her, and hand her the answers she's been searching for......

((OOC: PLEASE I welcome ANYONE to start a conversation with my detective. Think mystery and muses, and hopefully one of you will hold the answers I am seeking for my newest adventure.))
Tags: [character] alex_ander_p.i., [character] steve, [location] the loft, pickingmybrain
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