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The Moonlit Sea Trail

"Ah crap!" cried Kael as he quickly dodged a bullet, nearly falling into the sea. "Ok that´s it, who´s the funny bastard trying to pull my strings?" 

A group of men crowding together near the ship´s mast began laughing loudly, it had sure been a hell of time since they´ve had some fun even if it meant pissing off the captain himself.

"It´s just our excitement cap!" cried Jhones, a small-framed but still very agile man. "It´s been a while since we´ve reached land and you won´t let us off the ship!" 

Kael rolled his eyes, "Look Jhones, don´t be pulling that crap on me. You know the rules, we can´t just get to any island, jump off the ship and claim it cause´ they´re bound to be..."

"Seasnakes!" cried the men as they scattered around the ship, each of them taking their fighting posts. 

The ship began rocking back and forth as the giant monsters lashed at it with their tails. Captain Kael climbed to the top of the mast, jumped and landed right on top of one of the beast´s head. "Die you bastard!", he cried as he stabbed it square on top of the head. 

The creature hissed and shook its head violently, sending the captain flying and crashing head-first with a side of the ship. Then everything went black... 

Kael sighed as the memories continued to haunt him, it had taken him one month to recover from that attack and he had lost his ship and entire crew. And somehow, as luck had it, he had ended up in the shore close to Adair Island. A place where merchants closed their deals and tired sailors recovered from long journeys and bought supplies.

Biting his lower lip in anger, he began walking back and forth in the room, trying to take his mind off everything. 

"Maybe a walk on the pier would help," suggested Melina, the cute-faced inkeeper of the Old Maze Inn. 

"I´ve taken a dozen," he admitted, "I need to look for my crew, I know some of them are bound to be alive."

"What you need," she said as she moved away from her usual place behind the counter and gently took his hands in hers. "Is a crew, a new crew." 

Kael nodded, "Know what... you´re right." 

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