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Notes under the door

A packet of papers is found slipped under the door where the party is staying at the hostel. The outermost page is an unsigned note, written in a clear hand:

Please take this copy of my notes. I fear I find myself in grave danger, and I worry about their safety. You may find them useful on your expedition. I will return for them when and if I am able. Thank you for your kindness last evening.

The rest of the pages are neat, truncated notes written in the same hand.

Old Kingdom Pharoh
Married his sister Isha Nefru
Had three stillborn sons
Was under pressure from advisers to bear an heir
Sacrificed to Bes, promised a temple if heir born
took a second wife (name unknown) who bore a son

Isha Nefru
younger sister of Ra-Hotep
had three stillborn sons and a daughter
daughter rumored to be not the pharoah's
died suddenly of mysterious illness
placed in Ra-Hotep's tomb

Second Wife (name unknown)
former servant (Nubian?)
abused elevated status (cruelity)
name and circumstances of death unknown

Daughter (name unknown)
rumored to have a god-not-Pharoah for real father (Bes?)
had magic (powers of seeing? miracles?)
fled country after her father's death
married? died? unknown
name unknown

Ra-Hotep II (son)
Rose to power at age 15 following father's sudden death
Ordered his mother and a retinue of servants killed to serve father in afterlife
Reigned in period of drought, famine
Deposed at age 28 by a woman and her warrior husband (possibly his half-sister and her husband from a foreign land?)
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