mizsweeny (mizsweeny) wrote in charloft_rpg,

Prom at World's End (Open RP)

June Sweeny took her duties as prom chaperon very seriously.  On her back she kept a Super-Soaker water canon, strapped beside an industrial cattle prod.  These were really more for show than for use on any students and their dates. 

Prom crashers on the other hand, couldn't be guaranteed the same courtesy. 

And, since the Senior class had brought Portal-Devices  for everyone, June privately thought anyone would be mad to stay after coming uninvited.  

 So, she stood near the punch, firing up the prod with a crackle of electricity everytime someone came for a cup or two, earning laughs from most of her charges.  It was going to be a good evening. 
Tags: prom, rp
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