March 22nd, 2013

Sailor Moon, tv-14, 90s

The Ultimate Crossover Roleplay!!! ^_^!!! (If You Have The Guts...)!

Come one, come all! For the magic, the thrill of The Ultimate Crossover Roleplay! If you have the guts, to join in the storyline and bring your favorite hot anime character (boy or girl, doesn't honestly make a difference!) and see if you can last throughout all of the curveballs I'm happy to throw your way... So although this may seem like a cliched advertisement, I Am Sailor Moon: The Champion Of Justice And I Say On Behalf Of The Moon, I Shall Right Wrongs And Triumph Over Evil! (And if you're not roleplaying --) And that means YOU!!! So join me and see if you can follow or if you'll end-up getting destroyed by Moon Tiara Boomerang Aka Moon Tiara Magic! Ee-hee... Well, here goes something! ^_^!!

The setting is Crystal, Tokyo; March 31st 2013 and Sailor Moon (me) is exploring one of her secret talents performing... And what happens when a mysterious man named Akira Takizawa (Akira can be anyone, by the way!) walks in on her in the dance studio she's enjoying herself in! P.S. Akira is only half-naked in this scene, so only expect em' to be shirtless nothing more, nothing less... Thank you, roleplayers!

"We're higher than a motherlover!" Sukai Tsukino sings cheerfully, in her higher register; surprisingly on-key for her first time performing in a dance studio... *Akira walks in shirtless, seemingly confused* "Excuse me?" Akira explains looking a bit naive, with his half-naked attire, cellphone and gun!

Now it's YOUR turn roleplayers, if you think you can be an Akira in the storyline and create an intriguingly romantic octagon with me; then come on and try! I believe in YOU! So let's see, what the true you can do as a roleplayer; looking forward to your messages! Arigato!
Bye Now,
Sailor Moon Says!!! ^_^!!!