Isme "Imogene" Belwyn (queenisme1) wrote in charloft_rpg,
Isme "Imogene" Belwyn


Imogene was still in her school clothing when she stepped over the threshold of the library doors and held them open for the shoemaker with the crutches behind her.

 She remembered, in the back of her mind, telling Gabe she would show him the location of the World's End library months and months before, before the war and the mess that had gotten him injured all over again.  She felt bad for not taking him then, now.   It was the only reason she was involving him in research that she was fairly sure he would rather avoid. 

She fished in her jeans pockets for the list of references she made, then looking down at it and at her other companions in research, including Val and Mr. Kayashima as they came through the door.    Being the first day of school, there were a few students sitting at the various desks, writing essays on what they did over summer vacation in the quiet.   Mostly the room was empty, though.  

"I guess you guys can get started.   I'm gonna go get Gabe settled and bring him some books," She said, offering the list to whichever of her companions would take it.    

Tags: [character] alice, [character] effie, [character] gabriel, [character] imogene, [character] taiki, [character] val, [location] world's end public library
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