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Who you gonna call?

Attention everyone going on the ghost hunting 'venture (see ). Thought maybe we should have us some discussion about what we're going to do before we go , and what we should bring. So far here's what we know we're going to have

Provided by the Loft:

  • Flashlights (crank powered)

  • Map of the town

  • Brouchure from the carnival

  • Real estate business cards

  • 'Humanizing' for those what need it

  • 100 dollars each

Provided by / Procured by the Adventurers:

  • One book on Ghost Hunting by E. Spengler

  • Ghost repellent wrist devices (made by Mister Ellis and Mr. Kayashima )

  • Business Casual Clothing (we have to wear it)

  • Mister Ellis purchased some healing potions at the bar - I don't recall how much he paid but I'm sure he can tell folks who are interested in having some of those along.

Anything else folks are bringing let me know and I will add it to the list. Here's some things we have discussed we should likely do before we set out for the place in question:

Things to Do:

  • Find this E. Spengler and talk to him.

  • Visit the World's End Library for more research (news reports of the incidents, more ghost hunting stuff)

  • See if Mr. Kayashima has any more useful occult books.

  • Review 80s technology (we should have pagers, not cell phones; walkmen not mp3 players for example, if we're to blend in)

  • Practice ghost fighting / using devices in FightLoft

Also, the current signup is:

Mr. Kayashima

Anything I should add to this post? Let me know. Discuss stuff in the comments, let's pick times we can meet up and get some of this research done and so forth.

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