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Come one, come all! For the magic, the thrill of The Ultimate Crossover Roleplay! If you have the guts, to join in the storyline and bring your favorite hot anime character (boy or girl, doesn't honestly make a difference!) and see if you can last throughout all of the curveballs I'm happy to throw your way... So although this may seem like a cliched advertisement, I Am Sailor Moon: The Champion Of Justice And I Say On Behalf Of The Moon, I Shall Right Wrongs And Triumph Over Evil! (And if you're not roleplaying --) And that means YOU!!! So join me and see if you can follow or if you'll end-up getting destroyed by Moon Tiara Boomerang Aka Moon Tiara Magic! Ee-hee... Well, here goes something! ^_^!!

The setting is Crystal, Tokyo; March 31st 2013 and Sailor Moon (me) is exploring one of her secret talents performing... And what happens when a mysterious man named Akira Takizawa (Akira can be anyone, by the way!) walks in on her in the dance studio she's enjoying herself in! P.S. Akira is only half-naked in this scene, so only expect em' to be shirtless nothing more, nothing less... Thank you, roleplayers!

"We're higher than a motherlover!" Sukai Tsukino sings cheerfully, in her higher register; surprisingly on-key for her first time performing in a dance studio... *Akira walks in shirtless, seemingly confused* "Excuse me?" Akira explains looking a bit naive, with his half-naked attire, cellphone and gun!

Now it's YOUR turn roleplayers, if you think you can be an Akira in the storyline and create an intriguingly romantic octagon with me; then come on and try! I believe in YOU! So let's see, what the true you can do as a roleplayer; looking forward to your messages! Arigato!
Bye Now,
Sailor Moon Says!!! ^_^!!!

The Moonlit Sea Trail

"Ah crap!" cried Kael as he quickly dodged a bullet, nearly falling into the sea. "Ok that´s it, who´s the funny bastard trying to pull my strings?" 

A group of men crowding together near the ship´s mast began laughing loudly, it had sure been a hell of time since they´ve had some fun even if it meant pissing off the captain himself.

"It´s just our excitement cap!" cried Jhones, a small-framed but still very agile man. "It´s been a while since we´ve reached land and you won´t let us off the ship!" 

Kael rolled his eyes, "Look Jhones, don´t be pulling that crap on me. You know the rules, we can´t just get to any island, jump off the ship and claim it cause´ they´re bound to be..."

"Seasnakes!" cried the men as they scattered around the ship, each of them taking their fighting posts. 

The ship began rocking back and forth as the giant monsters lashed at it with their tails. Captain Kael climbed to the top of the mast, jumped and landed right on top of one of the beast´s head. "Die you bastard!", he cried as he stabbed it square on top of the head. 

The creature hissed and shook its head violently, sending the captain flying and crashing head-first with a side of the ship. Then everything went black... 

Kael sighed as the memories continued to haunt him, it had taken him one month to recover from that attack and he had lost his ship and entire crew. And somehow, as luck had it, he had ended up in the shore close to Adair Island. A place where merchants closed their deals and tired sailors recovered from long journeys and bought supplies.

Biting his lower lip in anger, he began walking back and forth in the room, trying to take his mind off everything. 

"Maybe a walk on the pier would help," suggested Melina, the cute-faced inkeeper of the Old Maze Inn. 

"I´ve taken a dozen," he admitted, "I need to look for my crew, I know some of them are bound to be alive."

"What you need," she said as she moved away from her usual place behind the counter and gently took his hands in hers. "Is a crew, a new crew." 

Kael nodded, "Know what... you´re right." 



Would anyone be interested in an online sheeted/dice rpg game (system to be determined) featuring communist zombies invading a 1950s-ish town? Would likely be a weekly or bi-weekly session over IRC, possibly along with a journal or forum to play out things / track things between sessions. Characters would be human townsfolk of various types, everything from WWII vet to beatnik. Game would be cheesy fun in some aspects (Duck and Cover-- does it really work for zombies?), power level normal-ish human. Likely starting after the holidays.

Game blurb:
Welcome to Pleasantdale - A Pleasant Family Community

In the 1950s, in a pleasant little town in a pleasant little state in a pleasant little country, something sinister is lurking. The Red Menace! Communists may be in your community, hiding behind those white picket fences and shuttered windows of such normal looking houses. They could be anywhere.

Fortunately, you are prepared. Children in schools learn that all important skill– Duck and Cover. That will save you from any danger. There is a bomb shelter on practically every corner– and surely Dad's hard at work at one in your own backyard. If Atomic fallout should occur, you'll duck-and-cover with the best of them…. won't you?

But what if the commies have something other than the bomb up their insidious red sleeves? What if they're using that atomic energy to…. REANIMATE THE DEAD! Surely that's just fantasy– the stuff of those B-movies at the Drive-In, or an episode of Captain Mystery's Strange Theater on televisor.

Still… you can never be too careful. The red undead could be coming for YOU.

Watch this space: http://labarc.com/CharLoft/wiki/doku.php?id=worlds:pleasantdale:start

$$$ Would You Like To Make Money? $$$

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Hello, one and all.  My name is Milburn Pennybags, and do I have the job for you!

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I need adventurers to retrieve 16 artifacts for me.  We will pay $$$

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Nothing unmanly about knitting (Open)

The Loft didn't faze him much anymore.

The Once-ler was perfectly content to knit here, especially when his tent was full of wildlife.  It was probably his own fault for installing air conditioning.  

After an hour of working though, he began to wish he had someone to talk to, at least, while he worked.     


Notes from the World's End Library

I've been doing some reading in the Library between our revisitations, and I've decided that it'd be wise to share my book learnings with the rest of the class, so to speak. Here's the Katie's Notes version of what I've been studying. Bear in mind, of course, that Khemet is a different country, with different developmental paths, and some or all of this may not apply. Then again, many of the gods, at least, seem similar...

Egyptian HistoryCollapse )

Notes under the door

A packet of papers is found slipped under the door where the party is staying at the hostel. The outermost page is an unsigned note, written in a clear hand:

Please take this copy of my notes. I fear I find myself in grave danger, and I worry about their safety. You may find them useful on your expedition. I will return for them when and if I am able. Thank you for your kindness last evening.

The rest of the pages are neat, truncated notes written in the same hand.

Old Kingdom Pharoh
Married his sister Isha Nefru
Had three stillborn sons
Was under pressure from advisers to bear an heir
Sacrificed to Bes, promised a temple if heir born
took a second wife (name unknown) who bore a son

Isha Nefru
younger sister of Ra-Hotep
had three stillborn sons and a daughter
daughter rumored to be not the pharoah's
died suddenly of mysterious illness
placed in Ra-Hotep's tomb

Second Wife (name unknown)
former servant (Nubian?)
abused elevated status (cruelity)
name and circumstances of death unknown

Daughter (name unknown)
rumored to have a god-not-Pharoah for real father (Bes?)
had magic (powers of seeing? miracles?)
fled country after her father's death
married? died? unknown
name unknown

Ra-Hotep II (son)
Rose to power at age 15 following father's sudden death
Ordered his mother and a retinue of servants killed to serve father in afterlife
Reigned in period of drought, famine
Deposed at age 28 by a woman and her warrior husband (possibly his half-sister and her husband from a foreign land?)

Prom at World's End (Open RP)

June Sweeny took her duties as prom chaperon very seriously.  On her back she kept a Super-Soaker water canon, strapped beside an industrial cattle prod.  These were really more for show than for use on any students and their dates. 

Prom crashers on the other hand, couldn't be guaranteed the same courtesy. 

And, since the Senior class had brought Portal-Devices  for everyone, June privately thought anyone would be mad to stay after coming uninvited.  

 So, she stood near the punch, firing up the prod with a crackle of electricity everytime someone came for a cup or two, earning laughs from most of her charges.  It was going to be a good evening. 


A Night on the Town

Ambria showed up at the Loft dressed in a nice black dress, accented by a metal necklace she'd crafted herself. Her hair done up nice, her nails freshly manicured - everything about her appearance said 'date', but she wasn't getting her hopes up too high. After all, her and Gabe were from different worlds and they'd been set up by Imogene - for all she knew, Gabe wasn't even really looking for anyone. And he had problems going on -- he was in physical therapy for his leg, staying with Finch in Manhattan. He had enough going on really without having to worry about the whole social business of dating.

She was determined to just enjoy the evening - she'd show Gabe a fun restaurant in her area that served some typical American food he might enjoy trying. They'd talk about this-and-that, and see if they had anything at all in common. And if things went from there, well... then they would. And if they didn't, that'd be alright too. At least she'll have made a new friend.

Imogene and Fritz are watching Vibius for the evening- she's given them instructions to help her son with his science fair project, and not to let things get too out of hand. Hopefully that'll all work out fine-- but she's instructed them to call if there's any problems.

Right now she's just going to settle in and watch the Doors, waiting for Gabe's arrival.


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