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Happy Easter! Won't you have an egg?


Sitting on the bar is a basket of a dozen eggs, in various bright shades and colors. A note reads:


In much smaller lighter print, on the other side of the note, it reads...

eat at your own risk management not responsible for results

You're a brave soul! Surely you'll take an egg. But which color will you choose?


If you want to be SURPRISED, then choose your egg color before you read any further!

1. Each egg causes a random temporary effect. How long it lasts and the exact details of how it manifests is up to you, the player.
2. One egg per customer (character). You can play with multiple characters, however. All characters are welcome!
3. In the subject of your comment, list your EGG COLOR and the EFFECT so that others know how to react to your character.
4.Copy the text in the text box and replace YOUR THREAD HERE with your specific thread. Paste it in your journal to tell other folks to come play in your thread and get their own.
5. Reply to as many threads as you want - have fun!
6. No drama or wank, please.
7. This activity brought to you by charloft

RED - You've always been hot stuff, but today you're REALLY hot stuff. You're irresistible - or at least much more charming than usual.

GREEN - You've got a green thumb... literally. In fact, you're as green as the Jolly Green Giant. You also seem to be great at making things grow.

BLUE - You've got the blues... literally. You're as blue as a smurf crossed with a blueberry. Other possible side effects are feeling down, or singing the blues.

YELLOW - You're sunshiny and bright. You positively glow (literally) and you're just the hap-hap-happiest person around! Rainbows and sunshine for everyone!

PURPLE - You're flying! Flying! No wait... just floating. Like a balloon, straight up. Let's hope you didn't decide to eat this egg outside.

GOLD - You've got the Midas touch - literally. Everything you touch turns to gold. This could make social situations a bit uncomfortable - but maybe be good for your bank account.

BLACK - Say, where'd you go? Not only can't you see yourself - no one else can see you either. You're invisible!

ORANGE - You're on fire! Somewhat literally. You have some flame related powers. Whether or not you can control them, however... that's a matter of conjecture.

PINK - You cannot tell a lie... because if you try, you glow neon pink.

GRAY - When did that ceiling get so close... and the tables get so tiny? Much like Alice in Wonderland, EAT ME can have some interesting effects on your growth if you choose the gray egg.

TEAL- Gain some water related powers. Are you talking to fish over there, or raising an unexpected tidal wave (or just a water spout in your drinking glass)?

BROWN - Is that egg getting bigger-- or are you just getting smaller? Whether you shrink a few feet, or become the size of a Easter Peep, you're definitely not as tall as you usually are.

I Ignored the Note, And Ate Multiple Eggs- You bring new meaning to the phrase 'technicolor vomit'. And every time you do, some random disaster seems to happen to, or around you.

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